Why the staff needs to stop trying to implement bathroom rules

Every year the staff gear up and set a number of rules to stop students from roaming the halls or to stop students from skipping. The rules usually are limiting the people going to the restroom to one or if you are leaving the classroom, you must have an agenda or ID.

Although the staff have good intentions, Chapin needs to stop forcing these rules so much.

Usually there is a problem with students skipping school and wandering the hallways, but that’s them. You shouldn’t limit the rights of other students because of other’s faults. Students are going to be outraged the more the staff tries to force these rules on the school, they might even retaliate and do it more. The agenda rule and the one person at a time rule has done nothing about students wandering the halls.

It also limits the rights of students. For example, A student might have to use the restroom in a hurry but can’t because another student is already out. Even if its not an emergency, sometimes students need to get up and walk around just to take a break from the class. Each class is around 90 minutes long, some kids get impatient and need to walk around, but they can’t. It’s just limiting the freedom that students have.

These rules are a mess and are causing trouble for everyone. The staff tries their hardest to force these rules, but its time to stop.