Why movies should use their LGBTQ characters wisely

Christian Gallardo, Staff Editor

In the newly released Marvel film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the movie includes a new character, America Chavez, who has two mothers and is apparently an LGBTQ character herself. And this film is not the only case where a film includes an LGBTQ character. In recent years, LGBTQ representation has become widespread across different mediums, including the film industry. 

Although this character does not feel forced or does not feel like pandering, the film industry should still consider being careful on using LGBTQ characters in their movies. 

I wholeheartedly believe that LGBTQ representation is fine in movies as long as it makes sense in the story. There are times in movies or shows where a character turns out to be LGBTQ and it does not really make sense in the story it is trying to tell. The characters themselves also must be interesting and not have their only interesting character trait being that they are LGBTQ which is what I see a lot of in recent movies. For example, in the Netflix series Stranger Things, one of the characters comes out as gay and it does not really feel authentic as the show takes place in the early eighties and it was considered taboo to be gay in the early eighties. So, the character coming out does not have the impact it should have. 

It also should not feel forced or feel like it is just pandering to a certain type of audience. Characters in movies will be LGBTQ just for the sake of inclusion and it just feels a bit forced and without nuance. It feels like major movie studios will have a checklist of characters to include just so they can appeal to wider audiences. In the 2020 film Freaky, there is a gay character included in the story. But it makes sense because the main theme of the film is accepting yourself for who you are, and it enhances the film. 

I know people will disagree with my claims and some may say that inclusion of LGBTQ characters in movies is progress and not pandering at all.  

I’m all for including these types of characters as I do believe that representation is important and I’m not just talking about LGBTQ characters, but all characters who are considered minorities. I can’t speak for the LGBTQ community, but I want characters that are interesting and well written while also making them represent a certain community.