Halo fans look to add-ons to iconic game

Recently, Halo: Infinite has had some fans and streamers say that Halo should make a battle royale version of their game.

Halo is a game that makes trends, which is the message that The Act Man and other fans are supporting.

Halo is already perfect, which is why The Act Man needs support to say otherwise to making a battle royale for this iconic game.

343 Industries made originally made Halo to be a fast, which contradicts the slow pacing

of a battle royale experience. Most of the Halo audience likes this fast movement, and the community is built around the experience Halo already provides. The switch to a battle royal would upset a large portion of Halos’ audience, leading to worse being done then good.

“Battle Royale games have been on the decline since Fortnite released an update back in October of 2019,” says Youtuber The Act Man, “which began to kill interest in battle royales since.” Fortnite, Warzone and Fall Guys have over-saturated the market for battle royales, making it harder to market one. Gamers have gotten tired of the same type of game being made, which is leading to a decline in their audiences.

Halo is a timeless game, providing its own unique element, which is harder to come by with a pool of games trying to bank off the battle royale genre.