New Chapter

Senior looks to play soccer after graduation

Eduardo Cervantes, New Chapter

High School is the stage of your life that prepares you for the adult world, it helps to prepare you for what your future will do and there are many paths that many students decide to go. Senior Fernando Pérez decided to go down the road to continue playing soccer. He will continue preparing physically but also mentally, as well as continuing to study.

“I have decided to continue playing college football as it is a very great opportunity and something that would help me both mentally and also as funding to help pay for school,” Fernando said.

It was a path that many students decide to do. He prepared to be good at a sport, and then took an athletic scholarship to help with school that helped him continue to progress in life.

“The program we have here at Chapin High School is not only trying to win championships but trying to train our players with an ethical style so that they can have an excellent future,” head coach John Gallegos said.

Gallegos took Fernando freshman year and put him on the varsity team after realizing his talent and dedication.

“I have received many offers thanks to the fact that with my school we were champions this year and this opened many doors,” Fernando said.

Now, Fernando will have to make a difficult decision. He will decide what is best for his future.