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Basketball team optimistic for upcoming season

Armani Martin

As the basketball season approaches, the players of the basketball team are buzzing with anticipation and determination. Three key members of the team shared their thoughts on what they hope to achieve this season.

Brandon Hymes is a seasoned guard on the team, this season is about unity and pushing boundaries.

“We’ve been working hard in the off-season to build chemistry. Our goal is not just to win games but to do it as a cohesive unit,” Hymes said. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and the collective effort needed to excel, mentioning that their aim is to secure a division title by emphasizing each player’s strengths.

Peyton Parker, a forward known for his versatility, sees this season as an opportunity to elevate their performance.

“We want to make a statement,” Parker said.  “We’ve been training relentlessly to refine our skills and play a more dynamic game. It’s not just about winning but leaving our mark on the court.”

Parker highlighted the team’s ambition to improve their strategies and adaptability during gameplay.

Jayden Leverett, a center with a strong presence in the paint, emphasized the significance of resilience this season.

“It’s about bouncing back stronger,” Leverett said. “Last year had its challenges, but this season, we’re aiming higher. We want to showcase our resilience and prove that we’ve learned from setbacks.”

Leverett underlined the team’s dedication to learning from past experiences and using them as motivation to excel.

Head coach Rodney Lewis expressed his  confidence in the team’s aspirations.

“These players have set commendable goals for themselves and the team. We’re not just looking to win games; we’re aiming to develop skills, forge strong bonds, and foster a winning mentality that goes beyond the scoreboard,” Lewis said.

With their eyes set on teamwork, improvement, and resilience, the basketball team is ready to hit the court and strive for success in the upcoming season.

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