End of the season district awards

Daniel McFadden, Staff Writer

With the 2022 football season coming to, 

An end.  Although the season wasn’t successful  

There were a couple student athletes that were  

Recognized for their talents. 





Even though the football season didn’t go as planned, there were a couple of players that ended the season with stats good enough to win district awards. Some players don’t really care too much for this accomplishment, some players were excited for earning these awards and some were just in the middle. Here’s some of the players and their thoughts on winning 







Players think that these awards should be more challenging to get. 

“I really don’t think it was that hard to get so I’m not going to brag on it.” Savion Jordan 

Some players were happy with receiving their awards.  

“I’m very proud of myself and happy that I got to get this kind of accomplishment.” Dylan sims 

Other players were content with this award. 

“Oh well it was easy to do I but I’m still happy I got this award.” Brent Hallmon 

“This is something I worked hard for and I’m proud, I’m not finished working I still haven’t made it. “Anthony Rivera