Inside the band

Members continue to help the band grow


Senior Johnathan Marin stands with his family on senior night after their halftime performance.

Miracle Hawkins Coles, staff reporter

The EPISD invitational marked the debute for their first band competition on October 1. The freshmen of the band were able to work through their nerves by showing up and performed along veterans of the band.

“For some reason, I did not feel nervous,” freshman Shayla Weeks said. “I liked being at the competition because I felt prepared.”  

The band had practiced since the beginning of summer for competitions. The band scored a first division at their second competition, the UIL marching contest. The band did not grow much in members from last year. 

“I think everyone has different expectations of what they think something will turn out,” said Johnathon Marin, senior band president.  “I was surprised with some of the things we were able to accomplish just because of how small of a band we are compared to others.” 

The band will be losing their seniors due to graduation which will decrease the size of the band by a quarter.  Sophomore Mia Malilay will miss the graduating seniors.

“I am going to cry my eyes out when the seniors leave,” Mia said. “They were so supportive and kind. We are like a family.”  

It was exciting and made me proud about all the work we have done and seeing it pay off,” Jonathon said.”It gave me hope for next year that the band could destroy competitions with the right mindset and commitment.” 

Students put hours of practice into their sound sometimes don’t feel appreciation from the rest of the school.

“I do feel judged, and I am judged but I’m happy and I’m talented, haters don’t know how much work you put in in band,” sophomore Joshua Roberts said.

After the marching season and members continue to practice for the winter and spring concerts.

“Band isn’t difficult, but it is difficult to be the best player,” Joshua said.