Varsity Tennis Wins Bi-District Championship


Junior Robert Dennis holds the championship trophy as his male teammates stand by him on the court.

Sienna Villalobos, Co Editor-In-Chief

The varsity tennis team welcomed new players and lost some as well as they started the new season. After three months of practices and team bonding, on October 11th the team won their bi-district match against Bel-Air high school. 

The team would practice every day after school and spend time with each other outside of practice. 

“We practice here for about two hours after school and during the class, but we usually go eat together as a team pretty often too,” junior Alicia Inostroza said. 

The players would physically get ready for the season individually and together. 

“On base I have courts behind my house, so I practice a lot on those, or I text my teammates sometimes and we go to the school courts when we don’t have practice,” junior Robert Dennis said. 

Although the team has both gained and loss members since last season. 

“One of our players transferred to Canutillo last year, so we weren’t sure how the numbers were going to look but we had Robert move here and it’s good to have him with us,” junior Jacob Inostroza said. 

Robert moved here this year from Tennessee and has been getting to know the team since. 

“I like the team a lot better than my last team I think it’s just the environment when we play it’s fun to be around,” Robert said. 

Winning can make a team closer and stronger together. 

“It was a great feeling of unity when we won, it was just awesome to see the outcome of all the work we’ve put in,” Alicia said. 

The team advanced to area in Lubbock after their championship. 

“We got destroyed but it’s a good experience to get out of town and see what the skill level is like out there, it was just a real learning experience,” Robert said. 

Overall, the team experienced both wins and losses together. 

“No matter if we win or lose, we still are there to support each other and can’t wait for what is to come next year,” Alicia said.