New Track and Field Facility

Rebecca Duran



All the Construction that has been occurring by the softball field and student parking is the new track facility. They have been building it since April and it should be done early fall for the next school year.  

“We have been wanting a new track and we are finally getting one, “Coach Traux Said. “We are building a new track because we want to be able to hold big track meets here. “ 

They have never been able to hold a meet at Chapin because they were limited.  

“We have a 6-lane track, a normal track is 8 lanes, “said Coach Gomez. “That means meets would be twice as long or we would have to hold extremely small meets with only 4 schools.”   

Instead of having a football field in the middle of the track there will be more resources that make it easier to access.  

“The middle of the track will have most of the field events” Said Coach Gomez, “It will have the triple jump, long jump, and pole-vault. The throwing events will be located across the street closer to the fine arts building.”  

Athletes are excited about having a new track to run on. 

“It’s exciting because we are going to be able to hold big meets,” said Junior Samadhi Foster. “As well the track won’t be as crowded because we won’t have to share the whole track with all the other sports.” 

Coaches are hoping that the new track can bring in more people to the sport.  

“I hope since the track will be very visible to the public it will make kids want to join and we can bring more participation”