Boys varsity soccer team wins first ever bi-district championship

Andres Pena

At the beginning of the year, the boy’s varsity soccer team started off slow because of COVID but they continued winning all their games until they had the biggest, most important game of that year against Parkland High School after winning the co-district championship for the first time in school history.  

On the night of March 21, the boy’s soccer team held their bi-district match against the Parkland High School Boys soccer team. The hard work had led up to this one match, that would decide if they would get to go to Lubbock Monterrey and continue in the UIL playoff tournament 

“The start of the game was very slow, we wanted to see what our opponents could do,” junior varsity coach Javier Gomez said. “After we saw the capabilities of our opponents, we had started our attacks 

The team scored their first goal bJunior Kevin Guerrero. 

I couldn’t believe I had scored the opening goal to our match,” Kevin said.   

When the first half ended the score was still 1-0. After a couple of minutes from the start of the second half, thescored their second goal, then came the third goal scored by Eduardo Cervantes. Five minutes later the Parkland team scored a goal in the second halfThe score was 3-1 with Chapin leading. 

“I would have never expected to score two goals especially not the last goal of the match, Kevin said. 

After a counterattack from the team, they scored the fourth goal scored by Eduardo once again. When the game was closed to finishing Kevin Guerrero scored another goal making the score 5-1.  

“I am extremely proud of these kids,” head coach John Gallegos said. “I know great opportunities will come for them, but right now it’s time to celebrate our victory.” 

The team advanced to the area round of the UIL state playoffs where the season ended in a 4-2 loss to the Monterey Plainsmen.