A Big Win on Senior Night

Tuesday, March 9, was the senior fight for the Chapin boys’ soccer team, having in its ranks a total of 8 seniors and all of them being starters and a fundamental part so that the team is fighting in the first place.

Having to face a great team and with a great rivalry that is Andress High School, which in the first confrontation took place the victory by a result of 3-1 and thus being the first defeat for Chapin’s team.  At that time, Player Irvin Durán commented “It was a bit sad to have lost the game and especially the undefeated one since we wanted to close the first round with a 7-0, but it was not possible and maybe we trust ourselves a little, but we hope Chapin”.

This is how in the senior night a party with a lot of tension was in store, the day started very well with a presentation and gratitude for the Seniors of 4 years of dedication and dedication to be able to take the Chapin school to the top, and it is that is how the very fought match began where Andress took the lead first and thus ending the first half with a team of Chapin down on the scoreboard but leaving for the second half with confidence and a lot of passion to be able to overcome the scoreboard and be able to win in the most important night for the seniors, and they tied him for 6 minutes with Chapin up on the cardiac score 2-1, Andress managed to tie and after a penalty shootout Chapin’s team took the victory. “I am so happy to receive the support of my family and all my friends on this day, and I want to dedicate this victory to them” Miguel Madrid after the match.

It was an important night and an important step to continue fighting for the first place.