Track and field has their first season meet


Adriel Lira

The track and field team competed in their fourth meet of the season at Canutillo High School on Friday, March 5.

Christian Gallardo, Staff Editor

On February 12, the track and field team had their first season meet. The meet took place at the Socorro ISD Student Activities Center. The first events started in the morning at 8 a.m. To eliminate gathering crowds, spectators were not permitted to attend the meet, however there was a plan to livestream and record the meet.  

All student athletes were required to wear face masks at all times and had their temperatures taken before their field events. 

Me and the other coaches just want to have a sense of normality for the athletes,” head coach Jacob Heidenreich said. “It’s also been about a year since we had a formal track meet, so I am really excited for it. 

Along with Heidenreich, senior Joaquin Ortega, was also excited for the meet. 

“Running this first meet is important to me and I honestly can’t wait,” Joaquin said. “I am a bit nervous though because of how long it has been since last track season, which was cut short because of COVID.” 

Head coach Mario Gomez thought that this was the best way to have a track meet without breaking COVID precautions. 

I wouldn’t have the meet any other way and I’m glad we’re still able to do this,” Gomez said. “It’s still feasible but the athletes are still able to have fun like at a normal track meet. 

Sophomore Gabriel Dillow thought that the meet would go smoothly as long as everyone was being careful. He added that the school districts were taking a lot of precautions and that they would stop having the track meets if they become unsafe. 

I definitely think the meets can still be fun, Gabriel said. “Either way I think that it’s better than having no meets at all.”