A head-start Into school season

The Chapin team in white celebrates their 14-0 run in their spring football game. “This game gave us an idea of where we’re going to be for next season, next year is our year,” freshman Daveon Singleton said.
Sophomore Aiden Pinalez leads the team in warmups. “This is my season to prove what I can do on the field and our team will make it to playoffs this year,” sophomore Aiden Pinalez said.
Sophomore Michael Medina makes a run for a touchdown. “All that was on my mind was breaking through our line defense because in our practices they improved a lot, so in a game it’s mental vs. strategy,” sophomore Michael Medina said.
Freshmen Daveon Singleton scoring the first touchdown of the game. “I was just trying to do anything that will make my team improve and get better,” freshman Daveon Singleton said.
Junior Cary Wade taking the field in his control. “Being the new kid in town I just wanted to show everybody what I’m capable of on and off the field,” junior Cary Wade said.
Chapin huskies in white finishing the game with 14-0 on the board. “Honestly I was expecting a little more excitement during the game on both sides of the field, hopefully their season looks good too,” freshmen Aahniyah Clayton said.
Jonathan Zamora leading the defensive line into positions. “Being on varsity comes with a lot of responsibility, leading the underclassmen into success on the line is my biggest goal for my senior season,” junior Jonathan Zamora said.
Junior Jayson Turner getting his teammates ready defensively. “This game was like an evaluation of the players for the next season, defensively we picked up a lot more skills and I hope the team can execute those plans,” junior Jayson Turner said.
Chapin huskies in navy setting up a strategy play. “Being one of the players who can read the field very well is something that can be of use during our games we just need to be able to get better at trusting each other,” junior Devin Corralejo said.
Huskies in white setting up another play to win the game. “This play was something crucial we worked on during practice, I was excited to be the one to execute it,” sophomore Savion Jones said.