Varsity girls basketball take district championship for third straight year

Senior, Jasmin Holt (guard), drives the ball and looks for a play to score a point against the Andress Eagles. “This game was really important for us to win because we battled all season,” Holt said.
Senior, Luna Moreno (point guard), taking a shot against the Eagles. “I really had to put a fight up for this game, it meant too much to me”, said Moreno.
Jasmin Holt ready for free throws to maintain a lead in the 2nd quarter.
Junior, Yakira DeRouen (guard), looking for a teammate to pass the ball to. “Our offense needed to be strong against their defense, moving the ball around was key”, said DeRouen.
Senior, Natalie Mesa (guard), driving the ball to the basket for a layup.
Luna Moreno putting up a fight against the Andress Eagles in the third quarter. “We really needed to apply pressure during this quarter, they wanted it as badly as we did”, said Moreno.
Natalie Mesa running the clock in the fourth quarter by passing the ball around in a mediocre pace for the Huskies to take the win.