Schedule changes for students to begin semester

Alexa Elias Borja, reporter

Students were getting ready to return to school after the winter break on Jan 8. Back to work, tests, and maybe even new classes. Many students received schedule changes because they requested it or maybe the counselors made a mistake in their core classes or electives.

“I asked for the schedule change to change guitar to choir and baseball to newspaper,” freshman Bryan Favela said. “I had some help from the counselors but they took like two weeks to finally change my schedule.

Sometimes counselors may be too busy to make to make the schedule change. Or the elective you want may be full and the classroom doesn’t have any chairs available.

“I had my English class removed, the class was very difficult and very stressful,” freshman Frida Navarro said.

Although many of these schedule changes are not definitive for example, if everyone wants to get into a specific elective or course the class can be crowded and as a result, students will have to be switched out of the class. Other students may not receive schedule changes because they didn’t request it or their schedule is accurate.

“I didn’t ask for a schedule change, because I feel like I have everything all right this semester,” freshman Kimberly Nuñez said.