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    Star football player Daveon Singleton receives offer from UTEP

    Michelle Magdaleno
    QB Daveon Singleton runs out of the tunnel when the game begins. “In the tunnel we all like to have the best energy to prepare for the game,” Daveon said.

    The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) recently extended an athletic scholarship offer to the football team’s standout quarterback, Daveon Singleton. The offer has garnered a ton of responses within the school’s football team, featuring insights from his head coach and two of his teammates.

    Head coach Ryan Warner was very excited speaking about Singleton’s accomplishment, lauded his commitment to the sport.

    “Daveon’s work ethic is unparalleled. He’s put in the time and effort to excel on the field, and UTEP recognizing his talent is a testament to his dedication,” Warner said.

    Singleton played QB, RB, and WR for the team this season.

    “Daveon deserves this recognition. He’s a great player and a great teammate,” said Hunter Standerfer, fellow teammate and wide receiver. “I’m thrilled for him, and I know he’ll continue to shine wherever he goes.”

    Hunter and Daveon have been teammates for two years. Daveon also has two other offers from SMU and Hawaii.

    “It’s a big decision for Daveon,” teammate Brent Hallman said.¬† “UTEP is a good opportunity, but I hope he considers all his options. He’s got talent, and I believe he can go far no matter where he chooses.”

    Singleton, who has been a pivotal force for the football team’s success, and has continued to draw attention from multiple colleges, with UTEP being the latest to extend an offer. Warner emphasized Singleton’s leadership both on and off the field.

    “Daveon’s not just a star player; he’s a leader among his peers,” Warner said. “His dedication to the sport and his team sets an example for everyone.”

    As Singleton contemplates his future and evaluates the offers coming his way, the unity and support within the Chapin High School football team remain unwavering. The offer from UTEP marks a significant milestone in Singleton’s journey, leaving teammates and coaches optimistic about his promising future in collegiate football.

    The team stands by Singleton as he navigates this critical decision, ready to support him regardless of his choice, acknowledging the impact he’s had on the team’s success and the bright path that lies ahead for their talented quarterback.



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