Senior Versus Faculty Basketball Game Reaches FitFamElPaso


Post on FitFamElPaso which shows Rafael Alicea crossing Mr. Guerrero

Senior class hosted an event May 2, which seniors played against faculty in a game of basketball. Any student who bought a $2 ticket was allowed out of 8th period and flocked to the main gym.  

During the game, senior Rafael Alicea had multiple students cheering for him as he went head to head with history teacher Adalberto Guerrero. Clips of Rafael dribbling around “Mr. G” surfaced on local instagram page FitFamElPaso, which has over 304k followers. This video went viral and gained supporters all around El Paso. 

“I didn’t know Rafael was able to break ankles like that,” senior Brenden Ucol said. “I was in shock when I recorded it, I knew I had to send it to FitFam.” 

Rafael marked the event as a way to show his abilities despite the fact he did not choose basketball as an extracurricular. 

“I always thought about what if I played on the basketball team,” Rafael said. “Now I get to live that dream.” 

In the run up to the game, Rafael stated he hoped to play against Mr. Guerrero, beginning a friendly feud between the two. In response to the beginning of this crusade between one another, Guerrero fueled the competition with friendly jabs back at Rafael. 

“I’m looking forward to playing against Rafa,”  Guerrero said. “I want Rafa to fall.” 

Guerrero did not originally want to play in the game and had no idea Rafael would start a rivalry. 

“I joined because Mrs. Oshiro asked me to,” Guerrero said. “I had to say yes.” 

Despite his fall to student Rafael, Guerrero marks the game as a success. 

“I think these events create a positive environment for students to have fun and to take pride in Chapin,” Guerrero said.