Students are given reduced school week

Amaya Hudson, staff reporter

Schools in Texas start to reduce the regular 5-day school week to 4 days.

Small rural districts have made this change because of the decrease in teachers they had.


However, due to research it has been found that schools have benefited from having fewer days and had less incidents happening on the school campus. “I think it would increase teacher and student moral,” said Guerrero.


On the other hand, students still have to make up the hours they are missing because of taking Friday off. There is still a mandated amount of time that students must spend in school for the school year regardless. It would make the school year go bye “slower” said senior Lizet.


Apart from this there is a chance that students will fall victim to negative behavior in the future. “I do think there would be kids doing less and engaging less,” said Linder. “I think having less time in class would hurt some kids”.