Varsity scrimmage against San Elizario

This was the players first game The varsity scrimmage On august 17th 22 was the first win of pre season.. They had months to prepare, they went out there gave it their all and won.


“I went in with the mentality that we are going to win said Senior Anthony Rivera. I went out there and played the best I could.”


The were up against San Elizario a 4A division school, the team didn’t know if they were a good match up.


“We went into this not knowing if this was going to be a hard game or not said Junior Nicholas Purnell. we just went out there and did our best.”


According to Senior Eduardo Lincon There was a lot of new players who have never played a game in years  and have never played with this team before.



“I haven’t played football since freshman year, said Senior David Choe but I worked hard this summer and worked hard with the team.”


The team scored their first touchdown by running it in to the endzone.


“It felt amazing being back on the field said Senior Elias Rutiega and seeing them take the ball into the endzone for the touchdown”


Shortly after the touchdown they scored a field goal and won the game with a score of 10-0.


“I went in with the mentality that we were going to win said Senior Zachary Ortega and in the end we won and it felt so good”