Prom Princess and Prince

Gabrielle Hill

Prom was Saturday night, marking a huge occasion for Seniors. As per usual tradition, there are seniors running for esteemed titles. Voting for them will be held at the prom, and that is also where they will be crowned Prom Prince and Princess. The Queen and King title is a separate one, but for now, let’s introduce our Prom Prince and Princess candidates.  

As our first duo, we have Amariah Wright and Malcom Taylor.  

When asked why they were running, Amariah replied with “I wanted to run because I just thought it would be a fun addition to prom night and winning would be a plus.” Malcom, on the other hand, only decided to run because Amariah asked him to.

Our second duo, and the competitors, are Ingrid Camila Morales Gutierrez and Jonathan Giovani Lopez.  

When asked the same question, Jonathan responded with the same sentiment as Amariah, “I like putting myself out there, and I wanted to make the most out of my final year in high school where I get a lot of fun memories I will keep forever. I feel like this is a perfect way to do so.” and Ingrid also followed with Malcom, saying that she ran because Jonathan asked her to.  

Both believe that they have a fair chance of winning the title, and no matter what happens, they promise to be good sports. They wished each other good luck and are cheering each other on.  

The results had been concluded by 10:30 of Prom, and the candidates were selected. The winning title for Prom Prince and Princess went to Amariah Wright and Malcom Taylor.  

“I feel really great about winning, I was really happy about the experience.” Amariah Wright said, shortly after winning her crown.  

The dance was set to Neon moon by Brooks & Dunn and the winners of the titles all danced for the full four minutes and six seconds.  

Both seniors wished their competition an exciting time, and a thank you for the fun competition.  

“To my competitors, it was a good run. I had fun competing against you all.”