Online payment for sports games

“I think it isn’t fair to change it without notice, people might not know how to find it or maybe too short notice and they can’t pay.”, sophomore Katherine Woodruff. Now going to sports game you have to pay online to get your ticket.

“It is kinda weird that they changed it without notice, what about the people who don’t have credit cards. Or the freshman who don’t have a credit card and just pay with cash up front.”, freshman Andrew Roman said. You scan a code and put in a card information to get digital receipt of your ticket then they scan it.

“A lot less people going to games, and it might be more of an inconvenience to parents because their kids might be bugging them for their card.”, Katherine said. Having to pay online can lead to internet issues.

“Some people just do not want to go through so many steps to see their kids play but, if your son is playing on the basketball and you have to go online and buy the ticket and show the receipt, that just seems kina boring, like on a high school level.”, Andrew said. Before they changed to online paying it was cash and you get a stamp after you pay.

“Maybe they changed it to update. I don’t think it will affect much, just a minor inconvenience.”, Cia martin said. The online paying doesn’t seem to bother too many people.

“No online paying is not better than cash, because you have to figure it out, which gives the potential for the card to be stolen.”, Andrew said. If your Wi-Fi goes out or the website won’t load you will have to wait outside the game.

“Things should be both ways because not every student has a card and it should go back to just paying in cash.”, Cia said. Having both cash and online paying would make it easier for people who only have their card and for those who only have cash.