Students Finals Opinion

“I feel that it is unnecessary for the students if they are exempt since they must stay in the classes. The point of the exemptions is that you can leave.”, Melanie Cobos said. Finals week this year changed from what students are used to.

“I think that they should of let the people who are exempt continue with their normal day at school or better yet let them go home, while for the students who aren’t exempt you know stay there for the finals.”, Xavi Antunez said. Students are being told they have to still come to school and be in their classes even if they are exempt from their finals.

“I think they should of kept it the way it was, it was normal, and I mean in terms of safety no one ever got lost and everybody was fine. Everybody just went home early.”, Fredric Mill said. Exemptions have not been a problem in the past.

“I think they should have it because students work hard to get their grades and why should they have to take this big test and it should be like a reward. If you make them take it, they think like oh I did this for nothing.”, Xavi said. Students, even if they are exempt must take the review if their teachers have one.

“I don’t see why not expand the exemptions to other tests because if you are understanding the material and getting those A’s you shouldn’t have to take the test.”, Melanie said. Exemptions only apply to the Final at the end of every semester.

“Either keep it the way it is or extend it another day, but I mean, being 3 days absent is pretty reasonable, I think, those are unexcused absences.”, Fredric said. Some students aren’t exempt because they get caught in absences.

“I feel as if it should stay as the 90 or a above but they should be more flexible with the absents, maybe 5 or less, because certain situations can be out of the student’s control.”, Melanie said.