Theater UIL workshop

Arabella DiChristina

“Our group did well, I think we all did well, we all had our strengths and our own weaknesses and are equally bad. All had our ways to improve, and other schools had really crazy scenes like the school that did a scene from La Llorona.”, Michael Pedraza said. The theater group recently went to a workshop at Irving for two days to learn to be better actors for the upcoming competition.

“A lot of the other schools really blew me away. I was looking forward to it because Demon is this really amazing director, it was really cool because he came all the way down here to help us.”, Jean Bustamantesoto said. Demon Willson came from Harington and is known as one of the best directors for theater and wins almost all the competitions.

I really liked how I got to perform as a 50-year-old man and how the director liked me because he would grunt every time. I was a 50-year-old man for a scene where there was a 50-year-old predator.”, Aliva Rogers said. Every school had the choice to prepare something for the director, Demon, who wanted to see where all the schools were at so he could talk to the directors about the play they are going to compete in.

“I went in not expecting to learn much and didn’t feel like I wanted to learn more but once the teacher started talking it was a lot of information that was helpful.”, Aliva said. There were around ten schools that went to the workshop and Demon had them taking notes, performing, and watching the other schools perform.

“I was mainly an ensemble and small roles. It was nice to learn how to do characters and learn how to act better. I was the main character in the last play I didn’t do too well so I think I can do better.”, Michael said. Michael was Christopher Columbus in the last play ‘And He Called It “Macaroni”’, the lead never left the stage for play.

“I learned a lot, I learned ways to research the character, how to get into the mind of the character, invite the audience into what you are doing, and to make an impact on the audience with your words.”, Jean said. From going to the workshop, the kids learned a lot about how to act better and apply it to themselves.