Shop news and information

Down the street, you can go buy some snacks from the shop or the shopette.

“It is a little corner store where you can buy milkshakes, slushies, and whatever you can find at a corner store,” junior Cia Martin said.

A shop is a place that everyone can go to with a quick walk and buy some snacks or food if they are hungry and have money.

“I go at least 2 times a week and if not, if it’s a really good day, 3 or 4 times a week,” junior Matthew Marrufo said.

Most people just go to go get food and come back to school to hang out or go hang out somewhere else.

“We hang out sometimes like sit outside and eat, play video games on our phones while we are there. But we usually just go heir to buy food,” sophomore David Rodriguez said.

The shop is convenient for kids because it is right across the street, and it is just something to get. The lines are a problem though.

“I like the way it runs, maybe the lines are stricter but nothing I’d really change,” Matthew said.

Some kids get an experience from going to the shop, a lot don’t they just see it as a place to get food and go back with friends.

“There is better stuff to do it if you need to get food or something like that, it’s a good place to get a snack,” David said.

Going to the shop is convenient to a lot of students because of how close it is to the school.

“There are 2 crosswalks to get there and a parking lot. The line is a hassle, it is super long.”, David said.

The shop is also safe for the most part.

“There is a load of people really crowded most of them are not wearing their mask, but it is what it is,” Matthew said.

Going to the shop isn’t really something big, it is just a place where you can get some food and go, it’s not really anything you would miss out on.

“The shop is like a 7/11 for kids at Chapin. It’s just a store you can get chips, drinks, and the basic things you could get at a gas stop,” Matthew said.

Different people have different experiences from going to the shop, they can just go there to get food, to meet up with friends, or to take their friends so they can hang out together.

“I either go with someone or go meet someone there or just see someone I know, and I just hang out with them,” Matthew said.