2021 EPISD Summer Break is Shortened

Andres Pena

Now that school is almost over students like Jacob Fisher and Ethan Payne, are finally happy to be able to sleep and wake up later than they should when they went to school. Students will not have the same summer as always, summer vacation will be shortened, normally students and teachers have two months of summer, but this year will only have around 5 weeks of summer vacation. “I wasn’t expecting there to be a change in our summer break, but it makes sense because we started school later than we should have,” said Junior Alex Moreno. 


Families won’t be able to have the same vacation time as normal. Sophomore Emily Perez and her family were supposed to go to California to visit her family but now that summer break is shorter that won’t be possible.  

“Me and my family usually talk to our relatives through face time but actually seeing them face to face is an even greater feeling, than I could ever imagine, it’s hard to believe that I won’t be able to see them this year,” said Sophomore Emily Perez.  


EPISD was trying to make up for the time that we had the problems with covid-19. Another student whose summer vacation with his family will be canceled is sophomore, Christopher Walker. He always travels around Texas about this time visiting family, but because the district deciding to shorten our summer vacation him and his family are still thinking about traveling.  “I was really looking forward to this year’s trip. We had talked about this trip in April, but we hadn’t thought to check the district calendar to see when I would go back to school until like three weeks before we got out,” Christopher said. “Thinking about not being able to go on this trip is really bringing my family down.” 


 Middle school teacher Lisa High was mad about the district’s decision for shortening their vacation time. 

“It’s not the teacher’s or students’ fault that this school year started a little later than planned, so why are they punishing us with shorted vacation time,” High said. “I am sure they will give us a few more breaks during the school but I would have liked to have a longer summer break like usual.”