The Bad Batch rebel in a new Star Wars spin-off series


“The Bad Batch” Promotional art by Disney Lucasfilm

Kyle Koch, Staff Writer

“Good soldiers follow orders,” and you are being ordered right now to check out one of Disney’s brand-new animated series, The Bad Batch.

“If you liked the Clone Wars, then you will enjoy this show a lot,” junior Nicholas Maynes said.

The new series takes place following the immediate aftermath of the Clone Wars with its first episode being appropriately called “Aftermath” with a 70 minute run time and other subsequent episodes being around the standard 30 minutes.

The series follows a group of clones with genetic mutations deemed desirable by their creators. In the first episode, “order 66” is issued, and all clones have been notified to kill the Jedi, but the Bad Batch doesn’t carry out that order save for one of the five members. When watching this episode, senior Haven Sosa had some strong feelings return from previous series.

“I didn’t expect to see Order 66 happen again,” Haven said. “That was sad, but it was also an exciting way to start everything off.”

Others fans like seeing more mature themes.

“I’m excited to see how much darker the series can get,” junior Julius Ochoa said. “It’s so much darker than even Revenge of the Sith.”

The dark tones of the show following the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire is somethings fans have looked forward to.

“[Lucas film producer] Kathleen Kennedy better not flub this,” said Nicholas. “Let [executive creative director] Filoni do his job.”