Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine

Nicholas Johnson, Staff Reporter

It’s been months since the first COVID vaccine was released to the public. Millions of people were then getting vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID. News has since then come out to the public that Johnson & Johnson were going to release a vaccine of their own. 

“I think it’s good that there are more vaccines being produced so more people could receive the vaccine,” senior Jorge Carbajal said.  

“The process of getting the vaccine went pretty smooth I would say,” senior citizen Marcie Lacap said. “I was in and out quickly, but after getting the vaccine I did notice that I was a little fatigued but since then those side effects have worn off.” 

Roxanne Gore, which has two children, said everything went well when she got the vaccine. 

“The process was pretty short and I feel great,” Gore said. “I haven’t had a side effects or symptoms like some of my friends did when they got their vaccines.” 

We know that the human body reacts to certain things differently for each individual so there is thought to be some side effects. With this new vaccine, this could be a chance to advance things to getting back to normal.