Jaeden Green, Staff writer

You’re a senior, you’ve been looking forward to graduation and walking on the stage to receive your diploma. But the coronavirus hits, and graduation goes from being a massive event with thousands of people, to a little get-together outside.

Ever since the coronavirus shut down the district, graduation was canceled, and In it’s place, a substitute version was created by the school. This version was outside and only had a quarter of the amount of people that usually attended such an event.

”I honestly don’t care,” senior Kenneth Taylor said. “As long is I get my diploma, I could care less about a graduation ceremony.”

But some people are looking forward to graduation, not because of the ceremony, but as a way to justify purchasing a cap and gown.

”If we didn’t have a ceremony, then it would be a waste of money,” Senior Ryo Harris said. “Whether you want a ceremony or not, at least we can make up the cost by wearing the caps and gowns we bought,”

At the end of the day, people are anxious as to how the ceremony will go. And if it will meet the standards of other ceremonies.

”I hope it all goes smoothly,” Math teacher Fabian Perales said. “It would suck for the seniors if such a big moment in their young adult life ends up being subpar or just not working.”