Students express conflicts with online schooling

Isabella Arenas, newspaper story writer person

Since the beginning of online schooling, which began late March for most schools, there have been some problems that occurred. And not only in El Paso but in online classrooms all over America. Almost all of these problems occur where most of the classes take place, in chat rooms.

“I started noticing a few problems at first, and then some of my friends told me about hackers getting into the chat rooms,” senior Edward Pelafox said. “Luckily it hasn’t happened to any of the conferences I’ve been in but there is a chance that it can happen any time.”

Recently school districts have been telling teachers to stop using zoom and go onto other sites where you can have an online conference. This is because of hackers that have been getting onto the classroom conferences and interrupting the lesson. According to GadgetsSnow, while on Zoom the connections private, however the conference itself can be decrypted by third parties, this is known as “Zoombombing” which can be a type of online harassment.

“Once on a video conference the teacher was talking, and a random guy joined and started cussing my teacher out for no reason,” sophomore Nathaniel Arenas said. “Then a bunch of other people started joining and took over the screen and started showing weird things, it was disturbing not going to lie.”

Besides the hacking that has been happening on zoom, there are other problems also. Some students are not able to actually listen to the conference because of constant freezing and glitches. And this goes with almost all online video chatrooms.

“Last week I was listening to the conference and suddenly everything froze yet the audio was still going, like I could hear the teacher but my whole screen was frozen to a point that I to turn my whole laptop off just to log off the conference, freshman Jesus Loya said. “And a lot of people are always saying that they can relate too or that the audio keeps freezing, so it can be a struggle sometimes.”