Easter, Corona and New Ideas

Pedro Adrian Garcia Jr., Journalist

El Paso resident Veronica Rodriguez spray paints eggshells but not as many as she used to due to the amount of people actually in the egg hunt this year. Her, her husband and little old boy will be spending this day by themselves. They go to their backyard, throw confetti and then eat chocolate candy afterwards.

Ms. Rodriguez had got a Easter basket two weeks prior for her boy in which they had opened inside. The day was over, her family having been stuffed on candy and watching Netflix for the rest of the day.

“I was always sure to buy an Easter basket for my son a couple weeks before Easter because I would hate to see none of tiny baskets” Rodriguez said, “It didn’t really matter anymore though being the last thought in anyone’s mind and the first being this virus.”

There are laws put in place to prevent people from gathering in groups due to fear of spreading the virus. The laws are put to protect the people but its hard when people still want to do something for a holiday like Easter.

“Only two of my cousins came over for a small little kickout to eat some ribs” said El Paso Resident Tony Guerra “we tried our best to stay apart from each other and not touch each other so much as would we be used to and its hard cause everyone in my family hugs each other.”

This a time to get creative with how to go about these events. Some called their families just to say hi and how they are doing. Others met up in cars to have distant conversations to see keep in touch car to car.

“It was kind of funny but some of my friends and I met up at a park parking lot in which we stayed in our cars, ate food that we brought and talked to each other from a distance.” Said El Paso resident Eric Garcia “ it doesn’t really sound fun but it was nice just to drive somewhere other than a grocery store and actually talk to friends to see how they are holding up during these harsh times.”