Closed parks/ recreational centers closed due to Covid-19

As the U.S has basically shut down due to the deadly virus, Covid-19. Our community has closed recreational parks/centers and any neighborhood friendly place.  This has put others into more of a boredom than they already were. Most teens would go walk or play basketball, etc. This helped keep quarantine a bit more interesting to them, but that all changed.

Junior, Yarizza Francisco says “I really enjoyed going out to the park to play basketball, it helped get my mind off things, and made time pass by faster”. She feels that with the court opened it gave her something to do instead of just being in the house all day. Most teens began to go to parks and doing old things they used to that they can’t do on their regular basis schedule to keep their time occupied. ”I really enjoyed going to the courts since season ended, and it’s just making me think about how next season will be” Freshman, Micheal Mcleod mentions more about how he just enjoys playing the sport he loves during this time.

 Adults also enjoyed going to walk the park. To be exact I know my parents did since there’s a park down the street. My parents, Carlos and Laura Heredia said “walking down to the park in the evenings felt so calming, and was nice just enjoying the nature”. Even though the parks are off limits it didn’t stop them from just walking around our neighborhood to keep enjoying the evening scenery.

Even though the parks and recreational centers are closed to keep us from doing things to pass time, doesn’t mean we can’t still do other things for our comfort. During this tough time it’s in every ones best interest to stay home, clean, and spend time with family or taking more care of yourself. Everything will open sometime soon again as long as we stay home and stay safe.