Chapin Interact Club Interacting With its Environment?

Jada Dunn

“We pledge to take heed the needs of our school and community. Putting service above self. To act with
love and honor the Interact Code of Conduct with utmost sincerity.” This is the last line of the Interact
Club pledge. They open every meeting by reciting the entire thing. Their overall goal is enriching their
community and school through community service.
“We just try to volunteer anywhere we’re needed”, commented Emily Throckmorton.
Chapin’s Interact Club is small this year with only 5 consistent members, all girls. Junior Emily
Throckmorton has been a member since her freshman year. She and her sister, Sophomore Anna
Throckmorton, have seniority, they’re president and vice president, respectively.
“I joined because when Emily was invited by her friend, she decided to bring me along”, Anna chimed in.
Two of the other
members are Treasurer Amber Lomeli and Secretary Folau Holi.
One of their current projects includes collecting white bottle caps from plastic water bottles. The caps will
be sent to Mexico at the end of March to be melted down for prosthetics. The girls are scrounging through garbage cans (only if they’re at the top), picking up litter, and asking random people for their
“We’re collecting bottle caps which are going to be recycled for various reasons like prosthetics”, Emily Throckmorton enthused.

As an incentive, the Interact is having a competition amongst themselves. The person with the most
bottle caps in March will receive an undecided upon the prize.
Currently, Emily’s biggest hope for the club is for it to grow and reach more people.
“Right now anytime its mentioned as a joke like people take it as a joke but I want people to take it seriously take community service because I think it’ll play a part in not just building somebody’s character but building the community they’re a part of.”