Hard Courses in High School


Bryan Favela

According to high school officials, algebra is one of the most failed courses in school along with
the english language for non native speakers. It is also the reason why most of the students drop
“I got to say that math is one of the most hardest, it almost kept me from
graduating” graduated senior Kassandra lugo said
Almost more than half of the students don’t get exempt from the test when it comes to the final
semester exam. Even though teachers offer after school tutoring student’s would rather have fun
with a friend then to study.
“ I have very good students but some don’t even try in my class” geometry teacher Rogelio Myers
In eight key math courses that have more than 27,000 high school students, many exam figures
resembled those that alarmed parents when the issue came to public attention in 2013. High school
final-exam failure rates in four courses exceeded 50 percent: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Bridge to
Algebra 2 and Geometry.
”I did not pass the first semester, but I am doing good right now and am trying my hardest
“sophomore Alan Favela said
According to studybreaks.com the top 4 most failed course are Algebra, Organic Chemistry,
Physics and Anatomy and Physiology. Teacher sometimes are disappointed, because they usually
get 70% or lower in pass rate.