Junior Class Takes A Hike

Sean Cartier

On Saturday November 16th the Junior class took a teambuilding hike to the Tin Mines in Northwest El Paso. As reporter and social media person in charge, Eireann Donohoe stated, “The goal was to bring the Junior class together and try and make new friends within the grade so that more juniors will get involved with the projects we do.”

Starting at around eight o’clock in the morning, roughly a dozen members of the Junior class student council, along with numerous student and parent/teacher volunteers, trekked 8 miles up and down the mountains. This experience was more than enough to establish bonds between students and Junior class Historian, Annica Henry, believed that, “We all got the opportunity to know one another more.”

Junior class sponsor and Chapin High school engineering teacher, Cody Logsdon, held the hike to have accomplished the aforementioned goal. “It was really successful. I wish more people had come but it was a lot of fun for those who did come.”

With the success of the hike, Historian Annica Henry hopes, “To gain more people wanting to be active in our class as a whole.” The Junior class intends to plan even more events and hopes for even more Junior class members to participate with student council.