Gum Helps Students Stay Awake

Pedro Adrian Garcia Jr., Graphic Designer

You are in class doing classwork and your about to fall asleep because it’s boring but then your friend hands you a piece of gum and once you start chewing you feel awake in the boring class.

Gum makes people feel awake in class because of the constantly chewing keeps the brain going. Chewing game also eases the body due to a phycological trait in which people feel safe while eating.

“I think gum is soothing because the repetitive motions of your jaw distract you while you work” said senior student Jaden Green.

A related theory is that gum increases the flow of oxygen to the brain which then makes it stay awake and focused.

“It helps when I don’t want to fall asleep because I fall asleep in almost every class, so it helps me keep awake” said senior Jose Martinez

Some people disagree with this story as to saying that it does the complete opposite and makes them fall asleep

“The soothing repetition of my jaw moving slowly makes me want to fall asleep” said senior Victoria Ingram

In the end gum can either help or not help students in class but all can agree that it just feels good to chew gum.