CDL Caroling Through the Halls

Sean Cartier

Christmas is a time to be spreading joy and cheer for all to hear. Just like the last couple of years, the CDL or Child Development and Learning classroom decided to sing carols through the halls. This week, 23 adorable little kids were planned to wander the halls and sing Christmas classics like Up on a Housetop and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Sadly, this plan was not followed through on. “Because of exams, we decided against caroling to classrooms and instead hosted a little concert inside of the CDL classroom for parents and such.” Responded Ms. Faulk, a CDL teacher.

The little ones worked hard in preparing for the Christmas festivities. Kelly George, a student who assisted the CDL in preparation for the caroling said that they had “prepared the kids for singing and dancing and helped them memorize their lines.”

It is a real shame that the CDL kids were unable to go out caroling into the classrooms as the cuteness might have been a great stress reliever for those hard at work at their exams. However, one participant of the mini-concert said that, “It was good, they mostly new their songs and my personal favorite was Up on a Housetop.”