Agendas; Useful or useless

Jaeden Green, Staff Writer

Throughout the four years at school, it has been noted that nobody uses the school agendas as much as
they should. It’s as if they don’t even exist.

Agendas are not useful and just take up space in people’s bags. They don’t provide any useful materials that couldn’t be accessed via a phone. The administration should find better ways to use them in school.

Nobody uses the calendar in the agenda even though that’s what most of the agenda is made of. Why use a calendar
out of a plastic book when you can use the calendar on your phone.

Secondly it’s supposed to be used as a hall pass and bathroom pass, and the school made it a rule to only
have a few bathroom breaks per semester. Despite this, neither the teachers nor students follow these rules
and they don’t even use the agenda as a bathroom pass.

Lastly, because the agendas aren’t enforced as an important tool, people forget about them entirely and
thus they are never used in any situation.

Evidence of this is the fact that no one writes down notes or events when it is announced, despite the fact
that agendas are supposed to be used as calendars for important events. Another example is that some
people forgot they exist, especially the freshmen, so they never have the ability to use an agenda.

Finally, during all the students years here, they have never seen a single person pull out an agenda unless
specifically told. Some have even seen agendas in the garbage, if it’s such an important tool, then why
is it so tossed aside and forgotten.

Some teachers might argue that they use the agendas all the time. But saying something versus doing
something are completely different things. Students outnumber the teachers six to
one makes them the majority of the school’s population and thus the most people to theoretically use an

To fix this problem, how about the school redesigns the agenda all together to make it more appealing and
convenient to use. That way it won’t be forgotten within a week of receiving it. for example, they could ditch the flimsy white design and make it more like a magazine, which are more appealing aesthetically. Also, finding a way for it to be an important part of the classroom would help its usefulness. perhaps making a rule that forces people to use an agenda for certain things such as notes or extra study sheets.

Students think that since the agenda is so cheap and flimsy, they should turn it into some kind of book with sturdier materials.