Holiday extravaganza returns with live performance


From left to right, Miguel Ramos, Grace Stoy, Damien Rodriguez, Famuel Reynoso Ruiz

Sienna Villalobos and Desert-Rain Martin, Staff Writer

On December 9, the fine arts department held the 20th annual holiday extravaganza. There was no program last year due to covid protocols.  

“I was very happy to finally experience the holiday extravaganza from within the ensemble and not just as a part of the audience,” sophomore violinist Anna Vera said. 

This was also the band director’s, Arturo Uribe, last concert. The students were disappointed that Uribe would be leaving. 

“It was really nice to have this last holiday celebration before Mr. U retires,” sophomore percussionist Nicholas Peña said. “We’re all going to miss him a lot.” 

Even students who have never had Uribe as a teacher were upset to hear about his retirement. 

“It’s also sad tonight because of Mr. U leaving,” sophomore violinist Abby Portillo said. “He was a great hand to mariachi. Even though he did not teach me directly, we all love him.”  

Student musicians felt good about their own individual performance in front of the packed gym.  

“Everything turned out very well and it was awesome to hear all the different organizations play for the first time,” freshman clarinetist Hunter Smith said. 

Each student musician had their own hiccups that they attempted to overcome.  

“The performance went well except for some mistakes with tempo that we tried to correct within the mariachi,” junior guitarist Dilan Pantoja said. 

Regardless of the feedback, all the students agreed it was a moment that united. 

“It was a crazy night, lots going on,” Nicholas said. “It was definitely a night to remember,”