Intersession from October 4 to the 17

Andres Pena, Student Writer

Intersession is next week, October 4th through the 17th and students are taking two weeks off of school. Some students are going to be traveling, working or just staying home.

The intersession is a two week break during the year because our summer was cut short. It makes the school year longer, but you have more breaks throughout the school year instead of one long break for summer.

“I don’t really have any plans for break, maybe traveling but i’m probably just gonna stay at home and hang with friends.” Senior Scottie Page said

A lot students are going to be traveling during intersession, to visit family or to just travel. A couple of students are going to Mexico to visit family and a couple of students decided they are going to Amusement parks with their families. Teachers are also going to be traveling for break . For example the senior economic teacher, Mr.Guerrero is going to Washington with his wife for the break.

” During the break I am going to stay home for my birthday and celebrate with my family” senior Angel Pena said.

However, just because it is break time doesn’t mean all students are traveling and having fun. Some students are going to be working over  the intersession. For example Junior Angel Aguilar, Eric Ojeda, Luis Minjares, and Allan Garcia are all going to be working at a fast food place close by,  also senior Christian Gallardo is going to be working at Chuck-E-Cheese over the break.  Although we are going on break teachers still have to stay an extra week, because of the  training on Monday and Thursday that they have to attend

“Over intersession I will be working, but I will not have to work weekends, so thats good” Junior Angel Aguilar said.