Covid Mask Mandate

Jordan Garver

Covid has had an excessively significant impact on the staff and students at our school. Covid has been a thing for about two years now. All the students and staff still must wear masks in and out of the building around people.  

This school and other schools are still dealing with people not cooperating with the mask mandate. Most students have felt like they are in an unsafe environment. Students believe Covid had an impact on their mental health. 

Madison, a first-year student, is a 14-year-old girl who has suffered from Covid. Madison feels Covid has made people so distant. They felt that Covid affected people’s mental health and mostly physical health.  

Madison feels that they could make a change to Covid if everyone does their part in wearing masks and social distancing better.  

Covid has drastically changed overtime and now masks are not mandatory, people have the choice to not wear or wear a mask anywhere other than government property. The mask mandate was opposed by enough people that the masks don’t need to be worn.

The effect this had on multiple people was that some were opposed to wearing and not wearing so it became a massive argument about it being against religion and ect.