New fences put up on property.


Students had an opinion on the construction. They said the fences are unattractive. Others said it benefits the school. 


“I don’t like the fences. I think they make the school look sad,” sophomore Dominic Madrid said. 


 Others said they make the overall appearance look better. That it gives it more of a “military-style” look to the school. 


“The fences give the school a clean-cut look. I mean, this school was built for the military,” sophomore Jeremy Lozano said. 


Students are concerned that this construction will be paid with their parent’s taxes. 


“My main question is if this is coming out of our pocket, and if it isn’t, where did the money come from?” junior Lya Perez said.  


Students said the fences got in their way or made traffic worse. 


“When I’m walking into the school, the fence is in my way and blocks my normal path,” sophomore Sienna Villalobos said. “I have to go around and it’s honestly pretty annoying.”  

Students believe that they were put up to keep people out and keep the school safe. 


“I know that sometimes there are random people that want to come into campuses so the fences will help keep unwanted visitors out,” Dominic Madrid said. 


Students see the fence as a positive attribute to the school. 


“For whatever reasons the fences were put up I know that it was for the better of our school,” Sienna said.