What’s next after high school?

Eduardo Cervantes, What's next after high school?

High school is about to finish and the seniors are about to graduate, one of the many questions that they ask themselves is what will happen after finishing high school, many of them already have the idea or dream of what they want to be when they grow up and from that moment on they have been preparing since they were little to start their school so that they end up being what they want to be, but there is another part that they do not realize much and are those who are still undecided at this point they do not know what they want to study, to where do they want to go or what do they want to do in their lives, it is a difficult decision since what you study in the university is what you will probably end up doing all your life, it is here that many ask themselves, “What if I don’t like it What if in the end what? I’m studying doesn’t convince me?”. Some students they commented on certain points of view to what they want to dedicate themselves to after high school and some of them said that they prefer to take time to think well about what attracts them the most to study and take that time to work and thus be able to gather money to pay for college since it is expensive, many others already have decisions made but with certain insecurities of whether they made the right decision and many others who are very close to graduating still do not know.

But there is something very clear that whatever they choose, we will always wish them the best possible future and that they find what makes them happy in this life.