The “SAT” is a standardized test used widely for college admissions created by college board. You start practicing as a high school freshman by taking the “PSAT” which is a practice sat. Juniors take the sat in spring semester and are available to retake it going into their senior year to improve their scores for better college opportunities. Students tend to stress over the fact that this test plays an important part on their future school and it overwhelms them to extended point.  All students see the test differently, either positively or negatively and most of the time it tends to be negative.

The SAT is mostly unfair to students who have personal and environmental disadvantages, as in low income and anxiety towards test taking which doesn’t concern other testers and sets them back. Not all students are able to afford the exam leaving them with a set back on a college education. All costs towards the exam including advantages as tutors or sat books can’t just come out of pocket for low income students. The exam isn’t one of easiest tests making students retake it a couple of times and tends to be unaffordable. There’s also problems with students mental health as they prepare for the exam which puts them on the edge.

 Junior, Brianna Gomez says “I feel stressed because in some classes I’ve done research on some colleges and their expectations on the sat, so it makes me feel obligated to do re ally good to get into the college I want to go to” and junior, Isabella Frede adds to that by saying “I’m not the best test taker and preparing for it hasn’t gone easy for me, but doing research on the college I want to go to and what’s expected does have me stressed to an extent” Both students point out the fact that mentally they’re not prepared for this exam and it does have a big impact on their future.

 Taking this exam stresses students more on how their future is going to go, by the college they want to get into. Positively students feel prepared and know they have a shot at doing good on the exam. Junior, Alyssa Garcia says “I feel confident about the test and I know I have a chance to get into the college I want to go to”.  Her attitude towards the exam is often seen in other students and it helps them prepare for it mentally. All students see this test differently, and the impact on them does take a part in how they feel mentally and how they’ll do on it.