Social media stereotypes

Alyssa Heredia, Staff member

Teens tend to feel that the way they’re looked at, is extremely important in high school. The opinions coming from other peers, usually have a big affect on students and how they feel about themselves. They would like to be overlooked in a certain way to show how likeable of a person they are. The biggest effect on how others are seen is by who their normal crowd is or what kind of person they seem to be, personality wise. High schoolers choose to have their life seem “perfect”, easy, and happy.

Students portray their life on social media to display the life they believe others will approve of. Teens praise social media since it paints a picture of how they’d like to be shown. Even though statements from others makes it feel like it shapes you into who you like to be, but it definitely doesn’t specify who you are.  It wastes to much of your time dwelling over a small chapter of your life that will soon be forgotten.

Interacting with others takes a big part about being likable because it makes everything so much more easier. It’s just normal for us all to want to fit in and get approval from everyone and around you. It isn’t that bad of a thing, but there also should be balance between who you really are and what you are trying to be.

When collaborating with others you’d want their opinion on you to be positive so that way others would know how reliable you can be. Opinions/ thoughts people have on you makes you feel some type of way; either good or bad. It shows what person you perceive to be.

Being looked at certain ways helps you understand what kind of qualities you have as a person. It helps you with future opportunities and it helps you work to be better for yourself and for others to see. Interactions and first impressions are a big part to show what you’re like and how their time will be when spending time with you.