Food in class

Sarah Crotte

Eating food in class has been a rule widely enforced in most classrooms in high schools and middle schools, explains, a website which helps to inform students on school topics.

“I don’t see any problem in eating in class,” freshman Valeria Sierra said. “I think it is important for them to get their daily nutrients and if that is the only time they can.

Coming to school hungry comes with many problems, says, you cannot concentrate in class because your stomach is rumbling.

“I feel that it can get very distracting for the other students,” Isabella said. “In the classes that we are allowed to eat I am constantly hearing Chewing or crunching from chips”

Eating in class can be very dangerous, many students have food allergies and when others bring it in class there can be there can be many effects, said, a website which focuses on school problems.

“I feel that as it may be okay to eat in class students should make sure that they keep their area clean and respect the classroom.” said freshman Sarah Montejano.