Teachers giving students too much Homework

Teachers always will give students homework but it’s causing students to be more stressed and slack when doing their normal school work.

Homework is something that is supposed to help with the work you do at school but students feel the opposite. Students have to attend school every day a week and go to a total of 8 classes doing school work for all those classes and are given homework. Homework should be optional.

Students should be able to have a choice to have homework for extra credit. It should be something that can help improve someone’s grade or needing the extra help. But studies say that the effectiveness of homework has been conflicting and inconclusive. Teachers and professors feel that it is important for students to have homework.

Researchers say that students that do homework are more likely to be doing well in their classes rather than students that do. But it also has been known that homework causes physical and emotional stress and causes students to have a negative attitude towards learning. The type of homework is also what causes students to have stress making it feel impossible to complete it.

It has been said that homework needs to meet students need rather than just giving them more work to do out of class. It also affects the way student do on normal class assignments and tests, which have been caused to make their test scores lower due to the amount of homework and how long it takes to be completed.

Sometimes homework is to help you improve on your current assessments but others still fill that it’s too much given to them. Most teachers should just think about what they give their students for homework and maybe it will improve the grades they get.