Attendance rate

Sarah Crotte

Attendance rate is very important because students are more likely to succeed in academics when they attend school consistently, a website which helps students develop a well-rounded approach to education and learning.

“I think that going to school is truly important,” freshman student Isabella Arenas said. “Especially since you can miss a lot of instruction in one day of being absent.”

According to, a website that builds a digital world where our kids can thrive, the main reason we attend school is to gain the skills and education needed in our future lives autonomously and successfully.

“As keeping up your attendance is good, it’s also important to take days off whenever you’re feeling ill,” freshman  Jayda Olliso said. “Going to school whenever you’re not feeling good is definitely not good since you can spread the sickness.”

The purpose of attending school is to receive an education that helps an individual throughout every phase of there life, explains, a website that shows their view on school problems.

“I do think it is important for the students to attend all their classes” Math teacher Sandra Gomez said. “I’ve had many students in the past who would always skip my class but it was never good for them whenever it came to taking their weekly test.”