Senior Stress

 In the last year of high school parents are anxious, students are stressed and sometimes downright sullen, and admissions personnel are over whelmed according to

 Here are some examples of things that stress seniors out.

“Getting my grades like getting all A’s keeping them the way I want it to be like nineties and above since I want to like graduate and go to a good college,” senior Kelly George said.

 According to one of the stress factors of high school seniors is fear of failure.

“I stress over graduation only because I took a dual credit class and I was worried that if I didn’t pass it that I wouldn’t get my high school credit,” senior Courtney Enriquez said.

 According to other stress factors for high school students are tougher academics and more responsibilities, social pressures, uncertainty about the future, and concerns about college.

“Applying for colleges on time and well deciding where to go specifically and having my portfolio where I want it to be,” senior Romelo Rosario said.

 Some things you can use to help a child manage school stress are practicing mindfulness, talking to a friend, encourage gratitude exercises, tell them to set aside quiet time, and make sure they ask for help according to

“I either eat, sleep, or hang out with my friends to relieve the stress,” Kelly George said.

Helpful ways to get through high school with less stress are take time for self care, stay balanced during exam periods, learn to change your thinking, and lower your goals like it is said in

“Really take time for yourself and tend to think about yourself and even if you have so much going on even if you have friends and you have places to be and you have things to study for it isn’t always going to be about that, Romelo Rosario said. “Once you get out of high school you really have to look at yourself and you really have to wonder where you are and where you’re headed and so it helps to start thinking about that early on and it will help you get through it really through high school I mean and even further than that just to understand who you are.