Technology enhancing learning

Sarah Crotte

Technology has many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to teaching the students said, a website that focuses on helping students learn.

“I think that technology does enhance learning ability since even if you didn’t catch a lesson in class you can go home and search online for videos that direct the video on the one lesson” freshman student Valeria Sierra said. “I make sure to do this when I don’t understand a topic since I feel some teachers don’t always go in full detail with certain subjects.”

According to, a website that allows people to have an interactive presentation, using technology for education enables children to adjust their own pace of learning, students who need extra time can spend more time going over exercises until they understand while students who need less support can go on ahead.

“I feel it is important to incorporate technology into daily teaching since it can give you so many ways to teach a lesson” math teacher Michelle Stuckwisch said. “It can also create a fun way of learning for the students.”

In this innovation and revolutionized world, there are various free resources available to learners, whether the article is written by individuals or experts, says, a website that focuses on learning advantages.

“As technology can help student’s way of learning I still feel that it’s a big distraction” science teacher Michael Lopez said. “I think that standard teaching would take a bigger affect since although technology can be great, many kids could play online games instead of paying attention.”

Classrooms that focus on technology ensure that students are prepared to have a bright future in the rapidly growing digital economy said, a website that’s goal is to help as many people as possible to live a fulfilling life.

“Technology definitely enhances students learning, I always find different and new ways to show a concept to the students” Stuckwisch said. “If I notice they aren’t fully getting the lesson the way I show them I make sure to find different ways, there is so many teachers around the world and I think it’s important we all learn from each other.”