cell phone policies

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Cell phone policies were made to minimize distractions in classrooms while teachers teach, and students do class work or tests. Though lately students have found this policy unfair for a few reasons. Many have said cell phones can actually be pretty helpful in the learning environment but at the same time lots of teachers strongly disagree with that.

There are less arguments around those teachers that do allow phones in the class. For some teachers the rule is no phones out during work but otherwise it’s ok. Other teachers don’t want phones out at any time while in their class, if seen with a phone it will get taken and sent to the office along with a fifteen-dollar fee. Arguments arise when having to pay for a fee even though it is their phone to begin with.

“We shouldn’t have to pay for our own phone that we already pay for every month” Freshman Jada DeRouen said. “Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you could get your phone taken away, I feel like it’s best to just give it at the end of class or turn it into the office and have it returned at the end of the day, it would be unfair if the student does not have enough money and ends up going home without something they need.”

According to Northcentral University, listening to music while doing school work can help a student get finished and not get distracted by other students.  With their own cellphone a student can be able to freely listen to any music of their choice and not create a distraction to other kids. Different kind of music can create different levels of focus for each student.

“One reason I definitely take my phone to class if because I am able to listen to my music I have saved” Sophomore Elizabeth Avila said.

“I can really focus because I don’t hear other people talking and oddly it helps me with my work too.”

Cellphones can offer instant research and access when needing to learn something new. Students can sometimes forget their laptop, or it runs out of battery and they can at least use their phone to do what needs to get done. If a student needs to get onto a certain website or watch a certain video it can be easier to use their phone than to share a laptop.

“I do allow my students to use their phones when they don’t have their laptop with them for whatever reason.” Biology teacher Valerie Celia said. “At the end of work I also allow students to use their phones while waiting for others to finish to keep them busy and distract those doing work.”

Cellphone policies were made for a reason and as a teacher they are instructed to follow it. However, probably both students, teachers, and the district can come up with a fair policy that everyone can agree on.